Currency SGD - Singapore Dollar

International name
Singapore Dollar
Currency code by ISO 4217
Currency code by ISO 3166-1
Decimal positions

Countries of usage


Evolution of Singapore Dollar (SGD) rates in last 14 days

Commercial banks rates

Commercial bank rates at from

Bank name SGD
buy. sell.
CSV Bonifar-com 6.08 12.98
CSV Euro Schimb 6.08 12.98
CSV Ghestrat 6.08 12.98

National Bank (NBM) exchange rates

usd USD 19.2148 Lei -0.0281  down
eur EUR 20.2534 Lei 0.0388  up
rub RUB 0.3568 Lei 0.0000 
ron RON 4.0942 Lei 0.0086  up
uah UAH 0.6507 Lei -0.0008  down
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